People, Trust & Wealth Creation

Emir Group is an Internationally Focussed
Business Development Organisation


London is our home but our businesses are inspired by the vision of entrepreneurs who have a global footprint. They inspire us to think internationally.


We believe that money is simply a combination of people and trust. We seek to find opportunities where we can make the biggest impact on both of these.

Brain capital

We rely on on rigorous brain work and sprinkled with an overactive imagination to seek out the best solutions for the businesses we help develop.


In evaluating each business, we look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if you don't have the first, the other two will kill you. Warren Buffet


Latest deals by sectors



Mesenchymal stem cells for tissue repair - A long term objective of the clinic will be to build pre-clinical and clinical research, development and the marketing. Read more.

Real estate

Positive impact icon

Positive impact - We seek only long term sustainable and profitable businesses and projects that are intent on solving the issues that can affect the day to day lives of poor and disadvantaged communities. Read more.



Online Retailer of Custom Designed Engagement Rings - We are passionately using technology, transparency and exceptional service to revolutionize the engagement ring shopping experience. Read more.


Food & beverage

Impact investment



IT City Group - specializes in Web, Ecommerce, Software and APP development in all of the world. IT City Group is a company based in London, United Kingdom, but has headquarters all over the Europe: Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The world wide clients outsource IT and marketing projects to members of Group. Read more.